Ubuntu Unity – How to replace the functions of Alt with Super key, for window move and resize.

Replacing windows movement functions (move, resize) in Ubuntu Unity (from Alt+mouse_click to Super+mouse_click) is useful for me because when using Blender I need the Alt key to be dedicated for the specific blender functions and I don’t want any overlap of functionalities between Blender and Unity.

To perform this key replacement, you need to install the dconf-editor package first, then change the settings from it.

sudo apt-get install dconf-editor

Next, run dconf editor (find it in the Unity search bar). When it opens, go to the items tree: org►gnome►desktop►wm►preferences and change the value of the field mouse-button-modifier from <Alt> to <Super>

screenshot of dconf editorThat’s it! 🙂   /Saverio


Useful PPAs that I frequently use on Ubuntu linux (or its derivative).

Web links to the PPAs. Check their description, then you can add them to the system using (sudo) apt-add-repository command:

  1. Audio apps (LMMS ecc.), latest – KXStudio-Debian Applications PPA
  2. Blender, latest and edge – Thomas Schiex ppa
  3. Gimp and Gmic, latest – otto06217 ppa
  4. Grub Customizer, latest – Daniel Richter ppa
  5. Inkscape stable, latest – “Inkscape Developers” team ppa
  6. Krita, latest – Krita Lime by Dmitry Kazakov ppa
  7. Nvidia drivers, latest – xorg-edgers ppa
  8. Nvidia drivers, stable – “Ubuntu-X” team ppa